CSW 61 Side Events
to Mar 16

CSW 61 Side Events


Speakers for 3/14 Side Event: 

Creative Engagement Leader: Haven Herrin (of Soulforce)

Moderator: Naureen Shameem (of AWID)

Panelist 1: May Lample (of Baha’i International Community)

Panelist 2: Lopa Banerjee (of UN Women)

Panelist 3: Rev. Geraldina Álvarez Rocha (Lutheran World Federation)

Civil society intervention 1: Azra A. Cader (of ARROW)

Civil society intervention 2: Dr. Glory Dharmaraj (of World Association for Christian Communication)

Civil society intervention 3: Rev. Dr. Karin Achtelstetter (of World Association for Christian Communication)

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to Feb 27

CSW61 Photo Campaign

Faith and Feminism Working Group to the United Nations

CSW61 Photo Campaign

In lead up to the annual Commission on the Status of Women Session 61, we warmly invite you to take part in our photo campaign to share your perspective on “Re-conceptualizing Women and Girls’ Economic Empowerment through a Feminist Spiritual Perspective.”

Here’s how to get involved in 5 steps!


1)      Read the Faith and Feminism CSW61 Statement.

2)      Choose ONE of the following seven questions to formulate a response or short statement of 110 words maximum:


1.      What does faith and feminism mean for your organization?

2.      How do we make visible existing egalitarian religious resources while strategically challenging interpretations of religion and religious texts that undermine women’s diverse roles in the economic sphere?

3.      How can Member States and United Nations agencies intentionally work with feminist faith-based communities to offer positive alternatives to the extremists’ cooptation of religions? How will these alternatives challenge the capitalist, market-driven model of economics that marginalizes and commodifies women and girls?

4.      How can Member States and United Nations agencies support the reconceptualization of the nature and purpose of work and wealth through a positive spiritual vision?

5.      How can we ensure that economic negotiations and trade agreements prioritize the economic empowerment of women and girls, including those who are among religious minorities?

6.      How can we heighten awareness that economic inclusion and opportunities for women and girls are pivotal in preventing violent religious extremism?

7.      How can we address and overcome religious practices that promote fundamentalist uses of sacred texts, and justify economic disempowerment of women and girls?


3)      Take a landscape picture in high resolution that visualizes your response or short statement, including a picture of an individual, a group of people, an action shot, a project, a symbolic idea, etc.


4)      Compile the picture, response or short statement, and your name(s) and affiliation(s) in an email by 27 February 2017 via faithfemworkgroup@gmail.com with the subject line “Faith and Feminism CSW61 Campaign Submission.” If your files are too large to attach to an email, please feel free to send them through a WeTransfer link.


5)      Be social! Once the campaign is launched on the Working Group’s Facebook page, share the campaign with friends and your network on social media with the hashtag #faithfem.


In the fall of 2016, the Faith and Feminism Working Group to the UN produced a written statement with the title “Re-conceptualizing Women and Girls’ Economic Empowerment through a Feminist Spiritual Perspective”. The written statement highlights the pivotal role of feminist faith actors in the economic and social development of their communities. It also notes that the current global economic system “has left women and girls vulnerable and [that it] threatens their overall wellbeing.” In the statement, the Working Group makes a call “upon diverse faith traditions to promote the fair and equitable treatment of women and girls, and eliminate gender-based discrimination and violence.” As part of its efforts to target the gender equality discourse at the UN, the Working Group formulated various questions it hopes the Commission will address, in addition to recommendations for the international community, UN agencies and Member States.

In line with its mission to build momentum in advancing gender equality worldwide through the lens of faith while fostering greater collaboration between a myriad of stakeholders, the Working Group seeks to engage its network by stimulating thought-provoking discussions centred on the questions that the written statement put forward. During CSW, the Working Group will host its own side event based on the Working Group’s written statement.


With your engagement in the online photo campaign in lead-up to and during CSW61 with the written statement, we hope to:

·         Lead a global discussion on women and girls’ economic empowerment through a feminist spiritual perspective in the lead-up of and during CSW61;

·         Raise awareness about the issues we have highlighted in our statement with a greater audience;

·         Build new bridges between the Working Group and others who share our vision.

The campaign consists of responses to questions listed above, showcasing the significance and variety of faith and feminist perspectives on the overall issue of “Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Changing World of Work.”

Given the online nature of the campaign, the reach of the campaign is global. This will allow stakeholders from around the world to participate in the Working Group’s CSW activities. The campaign will ensure that voices not physically present in New York are heard by also highlighting submissions at the event itself.

Please do not hesitate to email if you have any questions at faithfemworkgroup@gmail.com!

Let’s widely share our feminist faith perspectives on women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work! 

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